Broadwell Vase

Chunky in style with a wide base and neck, the Broadwell Vase allows you to show off your floral arrangements in their entirety, creating a lovely sense of balance that works beautifully with slender blooms.
Small Height 19 x Diameter 19cm | 4.5 Litres
Medium Height 25 x Diameter 19cm | 5.5 Litres
Tall Height 30 x Diameter 15cm | 4.5 Litres
Extra Large Height 26 x Diameter 25cm | 6 Litres
Material Crafted in 100% Recycled Glass, hand-blown in Europe
Cleaning Not dishwasher safe, wash with warm soapy water

An eye-catching combination of bold, wide lines and sleek glass, the Broadwell Vase is a container that makes that empty space look just as elegant as the arrangement it showcases. Broad and solid in its shape, this vase stands out in its simplicity with its chunky base and narrower neck. Each piece is hand-blown in Europe and can be filled with favourite blooms for a striking display.

  • Item should not be carried by the neck once filled with water as this will weaken the glass base